Towards the future, with you

Virtual reality is more accessible and mature than ever, but what is it? It’s a technology which allows the immersion of the users thanks to the combination of a headset using two screens and movements detection controllers.

A huge amount of hype has been generated with promises of games that could use this technology to its full potential. Immense communities that are ready to invest themselves in a game have been gathered and disappointed because of developers who make promises they do not intend to see through despite the crushing demand.

There is a big issue in the gaming community right now. It’s that the VR community is lacking multiplayer games and even the few multiplayer games currently on the market do not allow the users who don’t own a VR headset to play with those who do. This is where Pyramind Development comes into play. We promise a mech game where the user will be allowed to fully customize a 10 meters high robot before jumping in arena duels or 4 versus 4 skirmishes. The game will support many different input devices, including keyboard and mouse, controllers and will also be compatible with VR. In order to prevent disappointing the community, we began working on the VR first. Videos and concept art can already be found on our website and social network pages. A playable version of the game should be released within the next year.

The gaming community should not give up when its expectations for a game are not fulfilled. Eventually, companies will learn from their mistakes and create a game that will meet their audience’s expectations.

We are Pyramind Development, a team dedicated to quality and seizing the opportunity that presents itself.