Our mission

Develop and promote video games in synergy between gamers’ passion and the industry’s evolution.

Who we are

  • Gamers
  • Artists, developers, designers, all passionate.
  • We want to create video games for gamers.
  • We want to share our passion
  • Discord, Slack and Facebook are parts of our tools.
  • Video games bring the best in us.
  • We love doing what we do.
  • We believe we can do it with YOU.

For more than 15 years, Fred has been programming video games. Along the way, he gained the experience necessary to design and complete a game’s design, often over the course of a weekend. He is familiar with the technologies used and keeps abreast of new breakthroughs in video game development. He also has professional experience in the field as a developer at Warner Bros and in the field of quality assurance, including the automation of tests to ensure the proper operation of software. His experience as a computer technician perfectly complements the rest of his skills, allowing him to manage the technical aspect of a domain that relies on the operation of a computer system. Throughout his journey, he has also acquired several connections in the field, including technicians, developers and artists.

It was at the age of two that Kaven started playing video games and he always made his decisions in order to improve his skills in this area. He has won several games tournaments, took a 6-month multimedia course and obtained a DEP in computer science. He worked as a quality assurance tester for over 4 years, where he gained knowledge about game development. He has always wanted to develop his own video game business and for this purpose has focused on reading and practicing with several books on business as well as various seminars presented by business leaders.